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What’s in your bag?

In todays world, the necessary items have gone from keys, wallet and a cell phone to - keys, phone(s), headphones, tablets, wallet, shoes, and so on, so naturally bags got bigger! Some try to cram everything into their pockets, where others depend on a briefcase, backpack, messenger bag or tote to carry it all. Personally, I have found my backpack to be the best fit - its got four compartments with plenty of room. Wanna know what’s inside? Of course you do! So let's take a look …

*Compartment One * The front compartment is the smallest of them all, and I generally keep little “you-never-know-when-you-might-need-it” stuff in there. Currently there is Advil, chap stick (sooo ready for warmer weather) and some batteries.

Compartment Two This is home to my external hard drive, a stylus, some pens and a few thumb drives. Not very exciting, I know.

*Compartment Three * The middle compartment is the second largest area of the bag. I currently have a pencil box that I keep USB power bricks in, a 5 port USB hub, a screw driver set with various tips, and a pair of Beats Solo 2 headphones.

Compartment Four This is my everyday compartment. It holds the the main tools to get me through my day. Contents include my retina Macbook Pro, iPad Air 2, a grid-it with various items and the power brick for my Mac.

That's everything I carry with me on a daily basis and no, I don’t have back or shoulder issues from lugging it all around! I might not use everything daily, but it does come in handy when the unexpected happens. Think I’ve left anything out, or want to tell me what’s in your bag? Give me shout in the comments or on Twitter.