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iOS 7 Feature: Control Center

iOS 7 was introduced to us in June 2013. Not only were we shown an all new design of iOS, but also a bunch of new features. One of those features we are going to look at today is Control Center. 

Control Center introduced shortcuts to key iOS setting that have been lacking since the days of iOS 2.0. Control Center is accessible any time by simply swiping up from the bottom of your iOS device. Opening the Settings app and selecting Control Center will allow you to disable Control Center on the lock screen and in apps.

Tucked away inside are toggles for Airplane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Rotation Lock. Also Available are Brightness, iPod Controls, AirDrop, AirPlay, Flashlight, useful apps such as the Timer, Calculator and Camera. 

Airplane Mode - Enabling this will turn off all of the radios (WiFi, Cellular, GPS & Bluetooth) iPhone/iPad have.

WiFi, Bluetooth & Do Not Disturb are self explanatory. 

Rotation Lock - When enabled your device will be locked into the current position. If you are holding the device in portrait (Tall) then nothing will happen when you lay the device on its side. If you are in landscape (Wide) then nothing will happen when you stand your device upright.

Brightness - Sliding this will increase or decrease the screen brightness.

iPod Controls - Your standard player controls, Play/Pause, Fast Forword, Rewind, and Volume.

AirDrop - Enabling AirDrop allows you to send items to another iOS 7 user that is nearby. This only works with iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 5th generation iPod touch, iPad mini and 4th generation iPad.

AirPlay - Stream music/videos to any AirPlay capable device. 

Flashlight - This will turn the rear camera's flash on/off.

Timer - This will launch the Clock app to the timer where you can set it for any desired time.

Calculator & Camera - Opens stock apps respectively. 

Control Center is a very useful, if not the most useful, option in iOS 7. This is something that users were desperately asking for and make accessing Bluetooth/WiFi extremely easy compared to previous iOS versions. Apple could make this feature better by allowing the users chose what apps are available in Control Center. I do not know about you, but I never use the Timer. I would rather have an app I use all the time, say a Twitter client, available at a swipe. Taking this one step further, if Apple allowed users to chose default apps for specific functions, (camera, weather, mapping) then advanced users would be extremely happy.  



Written by Danny Tammaro.  You can follow Danny on TwitterAppDotNet, Google+