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Why Android?

I am an iOS addict. I live in the iOS ecosystem. I live and breath Apple. I'm a walking advertisement. I am the self-proclaimed iPhonaddict.

But I'm not brain dead. I am not blind to the fact that Apple is a target. The gap that once separated itself from the competition widened by the vision and innovation of Steve Jobs and his brilliant team of people is closing and closing rapidly.

In January of 2007, Apple opened our eyes to something new and it changed the landscape of mobile technology. But now it's 2012. The device that "blew us away" 5 years ago has not changed a whole lot. There is nothing wrong with that. The iPhone 4S is a masterpiece of design meshed with world leading technology. In short, it is a work of art.

But time has not been standing still. As Apple has been one success story after another, competition has not been idle. In that infamous keynote when our eyes first caught glimpse of the original iPhone, Steve stated they were years ahead of the competition and that their product, well in Steve's words, they "patented the hell out of it!" But what good are patents if not protected? We have seen aspects and designs in devices and platforms that seem to copy pages right out of Apple's mobile strategy playbook. But surprisingly, the uproar over infringement is almost non-existent. Where is the fight?

Fast forward to 2012. The landscape of mobile technology has changed. Gone are the once dominate players of the game, Palm and Pocket PC. Here recently, we have seen the slow and absolutely agonizing death of WebOS and RIM. And now Windows escapes the same fate with a new take on mobile computing and manages to stay relevant.

But the real smartphone race today is between two giants. While I firmly believe that the iPhone and it's majestic iOS platform still reign supreme, Android has made it's mark and has staked a claim on the future of this industry. Google's latest hardware release is a testament to their fight in this battle.

The Galaxy Nexus is no joke and the latest iteration of the Android OS is no laughing matter either. Android means business and as they continue to put the polish on their software and fuse it with some rock solid hardware, they have made a bold statement that says "We've arrived!". As Android steadily gains market share, Apple needs to be looking over their shoulder and if they do, they will see Google two steps behind them.

I now own the latest of the Nexus line of products. It is the Google experience in it's purest form and it's pretty good stuff. I will enjoy sharing my experiences with you as I continue to learn all about what this mobile operating system has to offer. I do this as my iPhone 4S remains at my side. But who knows what the future holds. I'll be staying in touch.