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The Status of the androidXperience Blog

If you know me at all, you knew this was coming. 

The androidXperience for now, is on hold as my Galaxy Nexus is sitting on eBay awaiting it's new home and the welcoming hand (or hands, it is a big phone) of a new owner. I have recently purchased a new Macbook Air, a new iPhone 4S, the just announced Apple TV and the very, very "New" iPad. These items cost a pretty good chunk of change and I needed funds to replenish my near empty tech fund account. So I gave the Galaxy Nexus one last look before I packed her sexy ass back in the box she arrived in. 

I have fully reinvested my money and time into the iOS platform as I am convinced without a shadow of a doubt, that the future belongs to Apple. 

Is the site shutting down? No. I am quite sure that there will be more androidXeperiences in the future. The Android platform continues to grow and so does my intererst in the surging platform. I have also thrown out an open invitation to anyone who is passionate about the Android platform to join me on this site as a contributing writer and that offer still stands. 

So until the next androidXperience takes place, take care. 

Clay Russell

aka "The iPhonaddict"