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TEKTOK Podcast - EP030 - Technology & Other Stranger Things - Sweet TEK Pick - Penny

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Penny for iPhone by Friendly Finances, Inc.

I'm very hands on when it comes to managing my finances. I like to track expenses, set budgets and reconcile on a weekly basis. But I have to admit to being a little lazy when it comes to creating reports, tracking spending habits and forecasting my finances for the weeks ahead.

That's where my good friend Penny comes in. Penny and I have a good conversation about my finances every morning. She doesn't judge me. She doesn't make suggestions. She just does her best to make sure that I am aware of what is happening with my money. She does so by keeping a close eye on my deposits, bills, shopping, automotive and dining expenses. She presents easy to understand graphs that are helpful, not intimidating nor overwhelming. She has somehow managed to take a serious subject (my financial outlook) and make it something I actually enjoy reviewing on a regular basis.

So she has earned the honor of being called out on the most recent TEKTOK Podcast as my "Sweet TEK Pick".

If you haven't signed up with Penny, you should. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Be sure to use my referral code: 👍🍋🍔 (yes, that's emoji).