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iOSDocked 85 iLike: Apple Customer Service

Apple is one of the largest tech companies in the world. They didn't get there by having poor products or lack of customer support, quite the opposite. Their products are well designed and manufactured. Their customer support is top notch and that is why I chose them as my iLike for the latest show.  

Back in October I acquired a 15" Retina MacBook Pro. I absolutely love that machine. It is a beast with a 500GB SSD, 16GB RAM and a 2.5 GHZ core i7 processor.  This is easily the best computer I have ever owned. It was working just fine until 2 months ago. I was having very weird issues when I plugged in my iPhone or iPad to charge. The connection between the two devices kept dropping out and I couldn't do anything with the phone or iPad while it was plugged in.  

Initially, I figunred it was just a random thing and let it go. Then I tried multiple cables with my iDevices and the issue persisted. Then one day it began with both charging ports. I was extremely annoyed.  A $2,500.00 computer should not be having this issue a year into it's life. I took it to the Apple Store to be evaluated by a Genius. At first, I was worried that the issue wouldn't happen. The Genius came over and sure enough the problem was there.  He took my Mac and sent it off to be repaired.  

The Mac came back about a week later. I got a call from the Apple Store on Friday and went to pick it up Saturday after recording The Apple JuiceCast. I arrived at the Apple Store and met with a different Genius to pick up my Mac.  He explained that the logic board, the serial ports and display were replaced.  We fired up the Mac to test it out.  

I brought the two cords with me that were giving me trouble. We plugged in the first cord and my iPhone and the issue was still there. We tried my other cord and my iPhone/iPad and the same thing was happening. The Genius tried his cord with my Mac and it worked just fine. I grabbed a brand new cord off the shelf and we had the same issue with the connection dropping.  We tried a brand new iPad with the new cord on my Mac and same issue. The Genius was truly baffled. He went into the back and came out a few minutes later.

He told me since multiple devices were having the issue and with multiple cords, that they were going to replace ALL OF MY DEVICES. My chin hit the floor. I could not believe they were going to replace my iPhone, iPad and my Mac.  I was swamped by Apple Genius'. One had the new Mac, another had an iPad, another had iPhone and another to process the exchanges.  About 15 minutes later I was walking out of the store with a bigger smile then the Enzyte Man.  

What other company will do that for their customer? I walked out of the store after 2 hours with nearly $4,000.00 worth of brand new equipment because of one device that was having a problem. Some things you should remember when you go to the Apple Store for a Genius appointment: Be honest,  be respectful, and be patient. If you do these three things during your appointment then you have a better chance of walking out over satisfied.