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TEKTOK Podcast - EP010 - Big Money Men/Sweet TEK Pick - musiXmatch Mic

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was the musiXmatch Mic

I completed my portable karaoke machine by picking up this mic. The musiXmatch app was already installed on my device. The app identifies the song playing and then searches it's database in order to provide you with live streaming lyrics. With a premium account ($4.99/year), and the mic, the app will reduce the vocals inside the song of your choice (any song in your iTunes library that has been downloaded and has been matched with their database) and allow you to sing over the song. There are mic sensitivity settings and there are settings in the app that will adjust the music level and vocal level to your liking. Between the settings on the mic and the app, you should be able to get a pretty good quality karaoke player for personal use. I know my daughter and I have had a blast with it and so did the stuffed animals who attended the private concert. If you love your iPhone and you love karaoke, you will love this inexpensive and very portable solution for all your karaoke needs. Simply plug in the headset port dongle, then plug in the mic and external audio whether that be headphones or a portable speaker of some kind. Get the mic for $59.95. It comes with a free year of premium service.