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TEKSide Presents Week In Review: 2/24-3/2

The week started off with Steve Jobs birthday. Here are a few tweets from Apple CEO Tim Cook. 

Apple expanding in store iPhone trade in to Canada.  

The service launched in the US last year and is now making it way to Canada.  

This makes getting a new iPhone at the apple store easier though there are other services around that offer more money. Some people prefer convienence over extra cash.  


WWE Network Comes to Apple TV

Rumored at the beginning of the month, the WWE streaming channel has come to the Apple TV. The service costs $10 a month and is billed at $60.00 twice a year if purchased via Apple TV. Users are able o stream live shows, access previous shows and special events. 

This is a good move. I hope that more channels, primarily network TV, come soon.  


Apple Releases MFi Specs for iBeacons

iBeacons were announced last year at WWDC. iBeacons work as you walk around stores with iBeacons (Apple Store's, Macy's & some MLB ball parks), your iOS device will communicate with iBeacons in proximity and display notifications, promotions, payment options, or other info.

Expect a rush of iBeacon products to flood the market.


TV4 Network Arrives on Apple TV

TV4 is a major broadcast network in Sweden that is now available on the Apple TV to users in Sweden. Live broadcasts, current & previous content will be available to viewers. The company said HD programming is limited now but more will become available.  

This needs to happen for US networks. Now. We already have it with ABC & Disney but NBC, CBS and Fox need to get on board too. 


Mac OS 10.9.2 & iTunes 11.1.5 Available

Apple released Mac OS 10.9.2 with FaceTime Audio, Mail fixes, SSL fix, Contact blocking and more. The timing of the release could not have come sooner as the SSL but that was fixed a few days earlier in iOS also existed in OS X. Also available in this release is the FaceTime Audio feature that came with iOS 7 and a fix for a mail issues that was messing with users Gmail accounts. iTunes update is a small bug fix that caused crashing and improved compatibility with iBooks

If you haven't upgraded yet then you need to ASAP. I am also looking forward to trying out the FaceTime Audio. The call quality is super on iOS and I imagine it is just as good on the Mac.


Apple's Product Launch Schedule to Begin in March?

AppAdvice is speculating that Apple will start releasing products soon.

Spring - They will release a new Apple TV. There have been multiple reports stating this is happening.  Summer - iOS 8 will be previewed. This is almost a given as WWDC is in June.  

Fall - 2 events, 1st event will be updated iPhones with the iWatch in September while the 2nd event in October will be new iPads.  


Apple Releases SMC update to MacBook Pros

This update enables Power Nap without spinning up the fans.   


Apple Updates iOS Security Document, Explains Touch ID

TechCrunch pulled some good lines from the document:

Each Secure Enclave is provisioned during fabrication with its own UID (Unique ID) that is not accessible to other parts of the system and is not known to Apple. When the device starts up, an ephemeral key is created, tangled with its UID, and used to encrypt the Secure Enclave’s portion of the device’s memory space.

Additionally, data that is saved to the file system by the Secure Enclave is encrypted with a key tangled with the UID and an anti-replay counter.

Touch ID authentication and the data associated with the enrolled fingerprints are not
available to other apps or third parties

Hit the Apple link below to read the full document.



Court Dismisses $2B Patent Troll Claim

A German court dismissed the claim as the feature is mandatory in all cell phones.  

Good. I hope more patent trolls lose their claims as they are just trying to milk companies for whatever they can.


Apple TV Sale 

Apple is having a sale on the Apple TV. With the purchase of the deceive at or in Apple stores you will receive a $25.00 iTunes gift card. The sale ends march 5th so if you are in the market for one you better hurry.  

Some people believe that Apple is trying to liquidate their supply to make room for a new device. Jim Dalrymple says nope and you can pretty much take that to the bank. I would guess they are doing a random promotion. The sale is only for a week, how many could they sell??