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Technology is Made to Be Used, Not to Sit and Look Pretty

It's absurd to think how a scratch on a new mobile phone used to annoy me enough to begin looking for my next phone. I'm not sure when this obsession with keeping my tech in pristine condition started, but I'm glad it's coming to an end. I used to not be this way. But as phones became more and more attractive and fashionable (thank you Apple), the more I fought to keep my phones ready for a photo shoot that I knew was never really coming. Then there is the waging battle in my mind that takes place whenever I purchase a new device. To protect or not to protect? Do I want to risk aesthetic damage or I do I want to take a chance and use my device in it's natural vulnerable state? To think of all the hundreds if not thousands of dollars wasted over the years on protecting a device that will get swapped in 6-12 months is just outright financially irresponsible. Mobile technology was made to enhance our lives, to simplify our lives. Mobile technology allows us to blur the lines between our work lives and our home lives by putting essential communication and productivity tools in our pockets. I don't know if I'm just growing up or getting wiser but I'm learning to appreciate my smart phone and tablet more than ever before. The accessories I choose to use now, only enhance my mobile experience. From the Mophie Juice Pack battery case on my iPhone 5S to the Logitech keyboard case on my iPad Air, these accessories not only add a little protection, but they also enhance and extend my usage of the devices. Are these the most attractive accessories? No. But technology is made to be used, not to sit and look pretty.