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iOSDocked EP 60 iLike: Danny's Pick - Voice Dream Reader

My iLike for this week is Voice Dream Reader. This is a handy app that will read articles from Pocket, Instapaper, Google Drive, Drop Box and Evernote.   


I thoroughly enjoy my tech and sports articles and I save a ton of them to Pocket so I can read them later. The problem is I work 7 days a week and don't always have time to read everything while  at work. That's where this app comes in. Once you link your read later service, tap the article you want to listen to and then double tap on the text to begin. 


There are several options available within the app. You can change the voice, standard voice is decent and more voices are available via in app purchase, voice speed, share the article and more. One of my favorite options is the ability to have the app learn pronunciation of new words. See the image below to see some I added. 



Dream Reader is not cheap. It's $9.99 but totally worth it for me. There is a lite version of the app available that has all the features of the paid app but play back is limited to a few sentences at a time. There are other apps available that are free with limited playback but as I said it was worth the purchase for me.