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iOSDocked - EP051 - Champagne & Sapphires/i-Dislike Email Apps for iOS

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This week my "i-Dislike" (pick of the week) was all 3rd party email apps for iOS. 

I am not calling anyone out in particular here because part of my dislike has nothing to do with the email clients themselves but rather the limitations of the iOS platform. I have a very nice email workflow setup on my Mac. Smartfolders, highlighting and multi-colored flagging all play a part in my daily email regimen. While Mail for iOS has come a long way, it is still not on par with the Mac in terms of true email processing and management. 3rd party email clients like Sparrow, Mailbox and Evomail all incorporate shortcut gestures to help you triage your email quickly but they don't really add features for power users. Or at least features I need. Also, for some reason, the way email is handled by these 3rd parties makes it difficult to really get your email in sync with multiple devices. New mailboxes or "labels" are created and emails get archived in alternate folders and the emails are often duplicated and it leaves the user (or maybe just me) feeling like my structered email system is messy. Security is another issue with some. Many 3rd party clients require you to allow them to store your email on their servers. This isn't a problem for me but I can see how many interested in the application may decide against it when made aware of this requirement. So my best bet for now is to continue using the default Mail app on the iPhone. iOS 7 has made some nice improvements but the door is still open for someone to steal the show. 

What are your thought on mobile email management? What works for you? Let me know in the comments.