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Game Center Showdown: Nimble Quest

This week's Game Center Showdown was chosen by Jordan Patterson. From NimbleBit, the creators of popular iOS games Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes, Pocket Frogs and more; Nimble Quest is a fun and highly addictive game that will keep you occupied for hours.   Nimble Quest is a revamped version of the classic game, Snake. Nimble Quest takes the concept of Snake and adds various environments filled with enemies that will keep you busy.  

The game starts off with a tutorial on how to play.  You start off with one hero and can unlock fifteen more as you progress in the game or via in app purchase. Each hero has his own traits, attack style and attribute. The more you play a hero as your leader the quicker his attribute will increase. There are three stages that each offer something unique. You can also use the gems collected to increase the heroes attribute. The upgraded attribute stays with the hero even if he is not the selected leader. Upgrading your hero can take a while so if you are impatient, then you can buy gems and tokens for a quicker advancement.  

After selecting your hero you can choose a power up. They vary from increasing your attack to making you faster as you use your tokens that are acquired during game play. Once gameplay has started, you swipe your hero up, down, left or right to guide him through a field of enemies while avoiding crashing into a wall or another enemy. Attacking is automatic but there is some strategy required. Your enemies are best attacked from behind or from the side. Killing your enemies will release gems or power ups in addition to tokens. These gems are used to upgrade your power ups. The game starts off easy but the enemies become more difficult to kill as you progress through the game. As you move on to a new level the number of heroes you can carry increases. The heroes appear like gems and power ups, after you kill an enemy. As the number of heroes increases you have to be careful not to walk into yourself or let an enemy walk into you.  Doing so will result in the loss of the hero.  

Nimble Quest is available for $0.99 in the AppStore and is a universal app and is compatible with iPhone 3GS and newer, iPod touch 3rd generation and newer and iPad 2 and newer. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Thanks for reading and make sure you check out the iOSDocked podcast for more from the crew.

Written by Danny Tammaro. You can follow Danny on Twitter, AppDotNet, or Google+