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Day 12 with the Galaxy Note 3

I continue to fall in love with this device more and more every day. There is absolutely no iPhone withdrawal syndrome at this point. This is my device and I am grateful for the fact that I can customize this phone to become exactly what I want it to be.  I am absolutely loving all the Samsung tweaks. I didn't find many useful at first, but the more I use TouchWiz the more I see that Samsung has their people using these devices for countless testing hours and building these tweaks and customizations that they think their customers will want to use. I think some people out there may be a little harsh by accusing Samsung of just dumping a lot of extra features in a phone just for the hell of it. I admit, as an iPhone user, I assumed the same. But now that the device has been my one and only smartphone for nearly 2 weeks, I can say that discovering and using some of these unique concepts has made my experience not only more enjoyable, but better. 2 features unique to the Galaxy Note line that I find myself using more and more on a regular basis are the Multi-Window and the Scrapbooking with S-Pen features. 

Using the Multi-Window features comes in handy on occasion. Samsung made it easy with the Note 3 to set up preset Multi-Window templates so that you can instantly open up 2 applications simultaneously. On the left side of the screenshot above, you will see several I put together. A lot of information is even capable of being dragged and dropped from one application to the next. You can even customize the preset window sizes of each app in the Multi-Window template. My question is this, why have tablet makers not incorporated something similar?

I don't like to call it scrapbooking, but I will because that is what Samsung calls it. But sometimes, there are just things I like that I want to capture and dump somewhere and Scrapbook is absolutely perfect for that.  

Finally, in today's post, I have had a lot of questions about the camera. I haven't taken a whole lot of photos but I have taken several macro shots of some of my meals to input into the native fitness app S Health. Here is a small gallery of some of those shots. Enjoy.  (Don't judge me by what I eat.)